Pre-cumulus activities


The last two days of Pre-Cumulus workshops were very exciting. Different topics were discussed at the parallel sessions, reflecting upon the challenges that we have.


Karla Paniagua invited the participants to learn new ways of acting to face social and environmental challenges. She also talked about the importance of understanding that there is not a single future and that it is essential to comprehend diferent people’s visions.


The Desis Network Association opened the discussion, mulling over about how diverse challenging contexts allow collaboration to emerge. They also aimed to discover how can this happen in circumstances where people have to struggle day by day for survival and to improve their self-development. The Cumulus+IxDA partnership focused on the synergy of education and research expertise.


Also, we had three challenges. In a joint effort with Bogota´s Botanical Garden, the Illustration challenge showed participants new ways of observing the local flora and encouraged them to learn and explore. The second challenge explored the creation of kinetic structures, and the last one examined the possibility of literacy applicable in the government program “puntos vive digital.” Those challenges were completed after 24 hours with amazing results.


Trasnocho con la Madre Tierra was the final activity of these past two days. Hosted by a Kogui Mamo, yesterday’s beautiful soirée gave all the participants a space to meditate and think about the way we see and feel our world and reflect on what the future will hold.